This professional grade set is constructed with our custom top grade synthetic bristles. The premium synthetic bristles will not absorb oils or products, making them the most hypoallergenic brushes available. Each brush features a polished chrome ferrule with a matte black birch wood handle. Each set includes:


  • SS001 - Dlx Large Foundation - 180mm Long, 30mm Tip Length
  • SS005 - Dlx. Mini Fan - 148mm Long, 14mm Tip Length
  • SS006 - Dlx. Angle Liner - 162mm Long, 6mm Tip Length
  • SS008 - Dlx. Eye Liner - 152mm Long, 6mm Tip Length
  • SS011 - Dlx. Oval Shadow - 168mm Long, 13mm Tip Length
  • SS012 - Dlx. Crease - 152mm Long, 13mm Tip Length
  • SS013 - Dlx. Angle Blush - 189mm Long, 38mm Tip Length
  • SS014 - Dlx. Flat Bronzer - 160mm Long, 33mm Tip Length
  • SS015 - Dlx. Powder Dome - 190mm Long, 40mm Tip Length
  • Dlx. Pro Spoolie Leatherine
  • Roll Up Case

Synthetisches Pinsel Set